About RESERVE organic


RESERVE organic developed over time, through western herbalism and eastern medicine foundations, and over a decade of cosmetology service. We are a botanical beauty company that supports both men and women in living as naturally and beautifally as possible, from the inside out, through the use of herbs and various other earthly substances.  Our line of hand-crafted custom herbal products and formulations exist to support the health fo the hair, skin, nails, and internal body.  This includes herbal teas, spice blends, infused oils, clay treatments, salves, creams, and much, much more.  


We are a multi-dimensional company, and offer both products and services in the beauty realm.  The other side of RESERVE includes our botanical beauty services, currently being offered remotely, as we travel to our clients' homes during these CoVid-19 times. 



RESERVE organic was founded by certified herbalist and licensed cosmetologist Jen De Jesus. This platform is her way of sharing her combined years of practical education and knowledge with others who may be seeking similar insight and support, as well her creativity and vision for creating a lifestyle that aligns.





About Jen


RESERVE organic took name in 2012, but it wasn't until 2017 that it took form. Not knowing the direction and shift that was on the horizon of that 5 year journey,  I knew it was my purpose to seek truth.  The more I sought to understand, the more I saw how contradictory modern lifestyle had become to what was intended, and to what creates and sustains health.  RESERVE organic has evolved into a way to support intended living, not just one focused product or service.  Something to help guide and assist people out of the modern hamster wheel of invevitable stress, sickness and dis-ease, and into the light that was intended, back into the Garden of Eden, where all that was abundant and good for us is still on this earth for our betterment.  We just must remember how to use it.


I created RESERVE using the past 19 years spent cumulatively witnessing, studying, learning, and understanding the world around me, while also seeking that which was unfamiliar.  Various educational avenues and paths followed, and through time and divine purpose, I found a calling towards purposeful living.


I sought education of herbs and their value in health, which led me to attend the Sage Mountain: Science and Art of Herbalism program in 2015, created and designed by national herbalist Rosemary Gladstar.  I studied under one of Gladstar's pupils, Clinical Herbalist Rose Kalajian for four years, and underwent her Clinical Herbalist program in my fourth year.  


I have been a licensed Cosmetologist since 2009, and have had the unique ability to speak to men and women of all ages and walks of life, often candidly and intimately, on a daily basis. A window to the soul that I do not carry lightly, it has been the basis for my education and the driving force to keep seeking.


Seeing the undeniable need for natural products in the beauty industry, and understanding how others could benefit from their capabilities, I began incorporating my herbal practices in with my beauty regimens, and in 2017, officially created RESERVE organic, as well as RESERVE organic Herbals.


I currently live in Charlotte, NC, and travel back and forth to Florida, to visit and work with my mentor to further my herbal education and knowledge, and to see hair clients.  A Charlottean for 14 years, I am excited to share my knowledge and education in this city through serving others.


This site is simply intended for informational support in various areas of one's life and healthy journey, and is not meant for instruction on how to live or treat disease.  All information is that which I have learned and studied, and I have deemed valuable, through my teachings, to pass along to the masses.  


It is my hope and newfound purpose to help and support anyone who has experienced even an ounce of the turmoil and disruption brought on by sickness and imbalance to feel better, healthier, and protect their health, through the means that were put here by our Creator, and to aid in preventing it for anyone that has not.

About RESERVE organic

herbal teas and body products




An organic line of hand-crafted, custom herbal products and formulations to support the health of the hair, skin, nails and internal body. Each product is created from 100% organic, sustainably grown, unrefined, wildcrafted, and local (when possible) sources. Synthetic products and ingredients are never used in our formulas and each label is clearly marked with what is inside, so there are no hidden formulations.


We invite you look around, ask us questions, sample the products for yourself (just ask us how!), and feel the difference in what nature can do for you.