Holistic Hair Care & Design


COVID-19 UPDATE: All hair services are currently being performed as MOBILE SERVICES. 

Salon services brought straight to you, wearing a mask and using freshly sanitized products and tools, performed in your home, front or back porch, or open garage, whereever you feel most comfortable. The whole family can be accomodated at one time, as RESERVE's primary hair stylist, Jen, is well-versed in women's, men's and children's hair.


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Menu of Services

featuring OWay Organic Hair Color and Hair Care



Women's Services

Each service price includes blowdry & hairstyle.



Organic Women's Haircut


Organic Partial Highlight


A partial highlight entails highlighting the top half of the head, and leaving the underside and nape area untouched.  This service is ideal for someone who often wears their hair down or wants that kissed-by the sun affect.


Organic Full Highlight


A full highlight is for the client who wants consistency and uniformity of highlights throughout the entire head, including the back and underneath areas.  This service is ideal for those who pull their hair into a ponytail often or who have a lot of layering.


Organic Balayage

$150 +

A balayage is a technique of highlighting done by hand-painting the highlights onto the client's hair.  Placement and amount of highlights are determined based on client's desired look.


Organic All-Over Color

$100 +

An all-over color consists of coloring the hair from root to ends.  This is done on virgin hair that has never been colored, or when a client desires to go darker than her current color.


Organic Color Retouch


A color retouch consists of applying color to the grown-out area of hair (or new-growth) that lies between the scalp and the previously-applied color that has grown out.


Organic Color Correction


A color correction is done when a client is looking to change their color entirely, or when a correction is needed to fix a current color in the hair.  Client's who feel they may need this service should schedule a Free Consultation to discuss their options.


Organic Toner


A toner is a color service that is performed after a highlighting service (partial, full, or balayage).  It is designed and used to counteract unwanted warm tones that naturally reveal themselves when the hair is lifted to a lighter shade.  Not sure if you need a toner?  We can help you decide! Or, if you are a client that prefers to see no warmth in the hair (also referred to as brassiness, yellow, or gold), then you are most-likely a candidate for a toner.


Organic Blowdry & Style


NOTE: This service is for those only looking to have their hair cleansed, conditioned and styled.  All other services already include a blowdry & style in the service price.


Seamless Tape Extensions

Cost of Hair: based on amount needed, determined and quoted during consultation. For this service, a free consultation must be scheduled first. 

Install - Full $150, Partial $100

Removal - $50 +

*Additional charges for removal are assessed if extra time is needed, due to prolonged wear, leading to excessive tangling and matting.


Custom Men and Women's Hair Pieces

Cost of Hair: Varies depending on individual hair piece needed, determined and quoted during consultation.  For this service, a consultation must be scheduled first.

Install - $125

Price includes fitting, adhering, cutting and styling of hairpiece, along with tutorial of how to care for the hair at home.  


Additional charges can be applied due to length and thickness. 
All prices are quoted before services are performed


Add-on Services:


Organic, herbal scalp treatment


An herbal-infused treatment customized on a per-client basis to balance the pH of the scalp and control various skin disorders using various French clays, premium, unrefined organic oils, various herbal-infused distilled waters such as Aloe and Nettle (for added moisture and to promote growth), and unrefined vinegars.  


Organic, herbal hot oil treatment


Custom, herbal-infused, organic hot oil is applied to the hair, wrapped, and put under heat to allow the nutrients to penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair, creating softness, shine, manageability, & luster.  Premium, organic, unrefined oils such as Baobab and Kukui Nut and herbs such as Rosemary, Calendula, Chamomile, Marshmallow Root and more are chosen on a per-client basis, depending on color, texture, and need.



Men's Services



Men's Haircut


Includes an organic shampoo & condition, organic scalp massage, and an herbal-infused hot towel facial treatment


Add-on Services:



Herbal Infused Neck and Scalp Massage


In addition to the scalp massage that comes with each haircut, clients can choose to lengthen this service for an additional 10 minutes.  A custom, herbal-infused oil is also used during this extended service to promote blood flow and encourage hair growth.


Beard Trim


Includes the trimming, fading, edging and blending of the beard, neck, and sideburns.


Hand & Cuticle Care


Herbal-infused oil is massaged into the hands and cuticles to soften and moisturize the epidermal layer, and is finished with a nail and cuticle trimming.



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